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How to Make Great Pizza Dough with a Good Recipe

Pizza dough is a staple for any good homemade pizza and every good pizza starts with a good basic pizza dough recipe. Some love crisp and thin pizza dough, while others love soft and rich pizza dough. No matter what type of pizza you enjoy, this homemade pizza dough has it all; soft & chewer with an awesome taste, thick & full of flavor.

pizza dough recipe


One of the things I've noticed that many people don't do enough of is to make sure their pizza dough recipe comes with some kind of "instant yeast." Instant yeast is what gives bread its springy texture and incredible flavor! You can purchase this at your local grocery store but you can also purchase it in bulk at some of the larger discount stores online. Whichever way you choose to get your "instant" yeast, just make sure that it is of the proper consistency for your homemade pizza dough recipe.


If you're looking for a pizza dough recipe with "instant yeast," you'll want to also keep an eye out for brown sugar or half-and-half. These are both methods that will work just as well as commercial yeast, but the prices are quite a bit different. Brown sugar is simply more affordable than commercial yeast and it comes in bulk at the supermarket. It's important not to be fooled into thinking that you need to use instant yeast in order to make the best homemade pizza. You can also use regular yeast if you prefer, just be certain that you have some warm water available to wash away any excess yeast that may rise during the rising process.


The next thing you need to know about making homemade pizza dough recipe is that you're going to need to add the yeast to the mix. Be sure that the yeast is mixed thoroughly into the warm water. This shouldn't take long. In fact, this should take less than five minutes. As soon as the ingredients are combined, you're going to want to place your dough into the air-tight container that came with your recipe.


There are two things to remember with homemade pizza dough recipes, the first being that you will want to make sure that the crust is completely dry before you put the last bit of the dough into the oven. When the crust is completely dry, you can then put the pizza in the oven. As you can see, you have three goals when putting together your pizza dough recipe: You want the crust to be completely dry before you put the last bit in; you want the crust to be slightly warm when you place the dough into the oven; and you want the crust to be hot when you put the pizza in the oven. If you happen to forget one of those goals, you can always add the extra flour (or whatever else you were missing) while you continue with the recipe.


In addition to using the all-purpose flour, you will also need some other ingredients to make your pizza perfect: yeast, olive oil, and cheese. Yeast is needed because it acts as a coagulant, which is what helps bring dough together into a well-rounded ball. Cheese is needed because it helps hold the shape of the pizza in the oven. I usually combine some shredded sharp cheddar cheese with about two tablespoons of regular flour. And olive oil is needed because it makes the dough rise and helps make the toppings stick better to the dough.